Educated People have more Arrows in their Quiver

The title means that educated people have more opportunities. “To have more arrows in your quiver” means “to have more opportunities”.

More Opportunities

Look at the phrases below. Note that each is phrase is longer than the previous one:

Educated people have opportunities.
Educated people have more opportunities.
Educated people have more opportunities than uneducated people.
Educated people have more opportunities than people who lack education.
Educated people have more opportunities than people who are lacking education.
Educated people have more opportunities than people who are lacking in education.
Educated people have more options at their disposal.
Educated people have more arrows in their quiver.

Education is the Key

The Ramayana
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A Metaphor from the Field of Archery

The terms arrow and quiver in the title of this page are a metaphor from the field of archery.

Have you ever done archery?

Archery – Bows and Arrows

Archery is a sport or activity where you use a bow and arrow.

Shoot or Fire

The verbs “shoot” and “fire” can both be used:

Have you ever shot a bow and arrow?

Have you ever fired a bow and arrow?

Field of Meaning

Let’s look at the words in this field of meaning:


Weapons for War and Hunting

A bow is fundamentally a weapon which was used to hunt animals or to wound there enemy in war. Nowadays it is used mostly in sport.

Is there a war in your country?

Archery Equipment


A bow is usually a long curved piece of wood with a string on it.


An arrow is a projectile which is fired from a bow. It has a sharp point.


A quiver is the case which is used to hold arrows.

When we say an educated person has more arrows in his quiver, we mean that person has more opportunities. The arrow represents opportunity. The quiver is the container of opportunities.

Passive Voice

Look at these variations:

The archer fires the arrow.

The arrow is fired by the archer.

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  1. Bonuses says:

    I just want to say I am newbie to weblog and honestly loved you’re web site. Most likely I’m planning to bookmark your blog . You certainly have good well written articles. Appreciate it for sharing with us your blog.

  2. Katya says:

    In my country there isn’t any war. I would like we all live in piece. Our community is responsible, but often the decision are made not from the community interested on, but from politician and big companies which aims are just to achieve more and more power and money.It seems the life’s value is not taked in consideration. In our case we have more arrows in our quiver to survive … I really hope that..
    Nice day everyone!

  3. Shobhit Mittal says:

    Nice information and good comparison

  4. yes we plieve that Educate Peopel have mor Arrosw in their Quiver but very sorry why these Arrows
    couldn’t us to stop Wars and Hunger over the world?

  5. Bayan says:

    Thanks for getting those information about metaphor .

  6. Levan says:

    Abkhazia and South Ossetia are parts of Georgia which are still occupied by Russia. I think it means we have cold (frozen) war with Russia.

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