You are always on my Mind

You are always on my mind


I am always thinking of you.

This is an extremely common phrase. It occurs in two love songs.

One of the songs is:

You are always on my mind

which is sung by Willie Nelson.

Active Voice and Passive Voice

Passive and Active are two ways to say the same thing. It is just a change of focus.

Willie Nelson sings it.

It is sung by Willie Nelson

The first one focuses on “Willie Nelson”.

The second one focuses on “it” (the song).

Develop Your Listening Ability

How can you develop your Listening Comprehension?

When students of English listen to a song or a listening text, they often give up because they do not understand everything. You do not have to understand everything.

The Important Thing

The important thing is to focus on what you do understand.


Do not focus on what you do not understand.

Focus on what you do understand.

Listening to Willie Nelson

Now listen to the song and listen for the line:

You are always on my mind.

You will understand that. You will understand other words and phrases too. Listen to them. Focus on them. Write them down.

What did you understand?

How much did you understand?

It does not matter how much you understood. It is important to focus on what you do understand and ignore what you do not understand. Keep listening. Developing your listening skill is a step-by-step process.

The Other Song

The other song which contains the line “you are always on my mind” is:
Wish you were Here which is the soundtrack from the film “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

Listening and Writing

Now write down words and phrases that you understood. Write them in the comments section below.

More Listening Practice

Here are Links to more songs to practise listening:

I have never seen anything like you.

Please pick up the telephone

Time after Time

How long do we have left?

Which way should we go?

I want to break Free

Can you see clearly?

How does she know that you love her?

Do you have a dream?

Man in Black

You are Beautiful.

What song are you listening to?

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