Your Breathing is Connected to your State of Mind

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Have you ever noticed that your breathing is connected to your state of mind?

Feelings – Passive Voice

Your breathing is connected to how you feel.

Thoughts – Passive voice

Your breathing is connected to what you are thinking.

Passive Voice

First Conditional

If you are excited or angry, you will breathe quickly.

If you are calm and relaxed you will breathe slowly.


There are two verb to describe the process of breathing. We breathe in and we breathe out

breathe in – breathe out

Phrasal Verbs – Synonyms

These two phrasal verbs have synonyms:

“Breathe in” means “inhale”.

“Breathe out” means “exhale”.


“Breath” is a Noun.

Abilities and Possibilities

Can you hold your breath for a long time?

How long can you hold your breath?

Link: Abilities and Possibilities

Word Family

Look at this word family:

breath – noun
breathe in – phrasal verb
breathe out – phrasal verb
breathe – verb
breathtaking – adjective
breathtakingly – adverb
breathless – adjective
breathing – noun

Now look at examples of the words in context:

Noun – breath

You might hear this at the swimming pool:

I can hold my breath for a minute.

You might hear this in a medical examination:

Take a deep breath and hold it.

Phrasal Verbs – breathe in – breathe out

You might hear this on a scuba diving course:

Don’t breathe in or hold your breath when you are ascending.

You could burst your lungs because of the change in pressure.

You should breathe out when you are ascending.

You will release the pressure on your lungs.

Verb – breathe

You might hear this on the plane:

Attach your oxygen mask and breathe normally.

Adjective – breathtaking

You should go to the Himalayas. The scenery is breathtaking.

Adverb – breathtakingly

You should go to the Himalayas. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful.

Noun – breathing

You might hear this at the hospital:

The patient’s breathing is laboured. Can you give her some oxygen?

Adjective – breathless

I was breathless after running for the bus.

“Breathless” means “out of breath”.


If your mind is scattered and you cannot concentrate, you should try mediation.

There are many techniques of meditation but one is to focus on your breathing and use this as a way to empty your mind.

Your mind is a useful tool but it can harm you if you think repetitive negative thoughts.


Have you noticed that your breathing is connected to your state of mind?

Tell us what you have noticed in the comments section below.

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