The Forms of the Verb

English verbs have several forms.

speak – spoke – spoken

eat – ate – eaten

go – went – gone

The “forms of the verb” refers to the various forms that the verb has.

Verb Tables

In grammar books there are verb tables. Verb tables often show conjugations. Look at these conjugations:

Verb – to speak – Present Simple Tense

Look at the verbs: speak, speaks

I speak English.
You speak Spanish and English.
He speaks English.
She speaks Spanish.
We speak more than one language.
They speak several languages.

Verb – to speak – Past Simple Tense

Look at the verb: spoke

I spoke English with him.
You speak Spanish and English with him.
He spoke English with me.
She spoke Spanish with me.
We spoke more than one language.
They spoke several languages.

Key Words – speak – spoke – spoken

Look at these key words. They are key forms of the verb “to speak”.

Note that the present simple tense conjugation above is formed from the first form “speak”.

The past simple tense conjugation is formed from the second form “spoke”.

The third form, “spoken” is more complex. It is called the past participle.

Past Participle – spoken

The past participle has several functions.

Present Perfect Tense

Past Perfect Tense

Passive Voice

Past Participle as Adjective

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