The Stolen Necklace (comprehension questions)

I’m going to tell you about a crime that took place about four years ago. It didn’t happen to me. The victim was my father.

One Sunday my father went to our family shop in Bangkok. He went there to fix the door. After he had fixed the door, he walked around the shop. Then he went out to the street in front of the shop. He stood on the footpath in front of the shop, quite near the road and looked at the shop. As he was standing there, somebody came past on a motorbike. The man on the back of the bike was a robber. He grabbed a gold necklace from around my father’s neck and sped off with it.

My father watched him ride away and he thought of following him but he knew that he would not have been able to catch up with the motorcycle. Besides that he didn’t have any evidence that the necklace was his, or that the man had stolen it. There was nothing he could do.

He went to the police station but there was nothing that they could do either. My father didn’t have any evidence. If he had had a video recording of the crime, he might have been able to do something. The police might have been able to find the man. Unfortunately my father didn’t have any evidence at all.

The lucky thing is that he was not hurt. He lost the necklace but at least he was not injured. It is better not to wear valuable items of jewelry in the street. It is safer to dress modestly and not attract too much attention to yourself.

What was the crime?

Who was the victim of the crime?

What exactly happened?

How did the criminal escape?

What was stolen?

Was there any evidence?

What did the writer’s father do?

What did the police do?

What was lucky about the incident?

What lesson can be learned from these events?


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