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Hi. My name is Pierre. I want to go to Central Australia. I am interested in traditional and indigenous cultures. I have been to the Brazilian Amazon and I have been to Central Africa. I want to talk about the lifestyle in Aboriginal communities now and before. I am really interested in gathering food from nature. Can anybody tell me about bush tucker? Do you still eat bush tucker? What kind of things do you eat?

skype me: traditionalpierre

What is the difference between the Luritja Language and the Pintupi language?
What other languages do you know?
Is Luritja similar to Arrente (the language of Alice Springs)?

Are you from Luritja country? Do you want to explain your language and culture to people from other cultures? Leave your contact details in the “comments” section below.

Hi. My name is Michael. I live in Adelaide and I can talk to you about Luritja and Pintupi country in English or teach you some Luritja or Pintupi if you like. Email me at to set up a time to Skype or just Skype me: luritjamichael

Aboriginal Food (Bush Tucker)

Can you tell us what you eat and in what season it is available?

Conversation Topics

The History of Aboriginal Australia.
Kevin Rudd and Reconciliation
Aboriginal People – Urban and Rural
Traditional Aboriginal Culture
Racism in Australia
Aboriginal History and Culture since the European Invasion
Ethnic Diversity in Australia
The Traditional Arts and Music of Aboriginal People
Life in Luritja and Pintupi Country Yesterday and Today
Aboriginal Languages

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