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Chinese as spoken in the region of Canton (where Hong Kong and Guangzhou are) is called Cantonese

Do you want to learn Hong Kong Chinese?

Are you from Hong Kong?
Do you want to talk about the Hong Kong lifestyle?
Do you live in Guangzhou?
Can you speak Cantonese?
Can you help other people learn Hong Kong Chinese?

Leave your contact details below like this:

Hi. My name is Mary and I am from Hong Kong but I live in Canada. I would be happy to teach anyone Cantonese or talk about Hong Kong and China in English or Cantonese. I want to meet other people from Hong Kong too. My skype ID is: maryhk2000

Hello. My name is Phil. I often go to South China on business but I don’t speak any Cantonese. I want to learn some Cantonese. You can reach me on Skype at: southchinaphil

Hello. My name is Kate. I live in Hong Kong. I studied English in Australia and I want to keep it up. You can skype me at: hongkongkatie24. I am happy to teach you some Hong Kong Chinese if you want?

Are you overseas Chinese? Don’t lose your language. It is your heritage. Use Cantonese on the Live Language Linkup to link up with your culture.

You can teach Cantonese, learn Cantonese and communicate with other people in Cantonese or talk about Hong Kong, Guangzhou, China and Cantonese in English.

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