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Leave your contact details in the comments section below to teach or learn or just speak Dutch or to talk about the Netherlands and Dutch language.

Hi. My name is Kim. I want to go to Amsterdam. I am studying International Trade. Can anybody give me some information and teach me some useful phrases?

Free Dutch and English Audio Phrasebook (coming)

What is the difference between the Belgian Dutch and Netherlands Dutch?

Are you from the Netherlands or Flanders?? Do you want to explain your language and culture to people from other cultures? Leave your contact details in the “comments” section below.

Hi. My name is Dirk. I live in Holland and I can talk to you about the Netherlands in English or teach you some Dutch if you like. Email me at to set up a time to Skype or just Skype me: dirkutrecht

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  1. kathleen says:

    hello, i want to learn dutch language=)

  2. eny rosiati says:

    hi,guys I’m from Indonesia. I can teach you indonesian language if you want. we can do language exchange. please send Email to my address

  3. Mohamed says:

    Hi everyone! I’m from morocco, I can teach you arabic well and you can teach me one of these languages: French, English, german, japanese, italian or spanish…
    Of course I’m not so bad in franch neither in english, but I want to progress more and more, because I think in these days if you daon’t master at least 2 languages, you will find some difficulties in your life.
    So, here are my 2 adresses: /
    Thank you all 🙂

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