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Do you want to learn French?

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Can you speak French? Can you help other people learn French? Leave your contact details below like this:

Hi. My name is Michelle. I speak French. I will help you. My email address is and my skype ID is: michelle22dlfr

Do you want to speak French? Leave your details in the “comments” section like this:

Hi my name is Eva. I am from Mexico. I studied French at school but I have never spoken it. Do you want to practise together? Can you help me? I can teach you some Russian. My email is and on skype I am: russianevamex

A Conversation with a Frenchman in English

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  1. Georginah says:

    Hi,I am Georginah a wanna learn to speak French,pls help me

  2. marixa says:

    Bonjour, Je cherche quelqu’un dont la langue maternelle est le français et qui veut pratiquer l’espagnol, comme ça on en profiterait. Peut-être une demi-heure en français et une autre heure en espagnol, sur Skype. Merci

  3. mohamed says:

    Hi everyone! I’m from morocco, I can teach you arabic well and you can teach me one of these languages: French, English, german, japanese, italian or spanish…
    Of course I’m not so bad in franch neither in english, but I want to progress more and more, because I think in these days if you daon’t master at least 2 languages, you will find some difficulties in your life.
    So, here are my 2 adresses: /
    Thank you all 🙂

  4. Joel says:

    Hi, I’m Joel and i wanna learn to speak french.I can teach you spanish or english. My messenger is:

  5. Mr.Ashan says:

    Hello My friends,
    I am Ashan, i would like to learn French , So If any would like to help to learn please cotact me or Skype ID is ashan12343.


  6. sapna says:

    hi I am sapna i don’t know french at all and I like to learn it,french and spanish are my favorite languages would anybody help me .thank u

  7. Carlos Saavedra says:

    Hi Michelle, I’d Like to practice my French. Can You help Me?.

  8. Carlos Saavedra says:

    Hi everybody. I am Carlos from Ecuador. I’d like to practise french, by the way my native language is spanish. Mi address is
    Thanks in advance

  9. Carlos Saavedra says:

    Hi everybody, I am Carlos From Ecuador in the center of the world. I’d Like to improve my french. Mi native language is Spanish. My address is
    Thanks in advance

  10. yamina says:

    Hello, i’m yamina from Algeria.I want learn French and Englaish languages.Ineed your help plz myb mail : and my skype is: amoula606276

  11. Felipe says:

    Hi everyone!
    I am brazilian I speak portuguese, spanish and english and I am learning French now and need somebody to talk or write through a chat.

    If somebody want to add at skype (look for fpuribe) and change some language information, please fell free!


    Felipe Andres Puentes Uribe.

  12. Cherif says:

    Hey there! My name’s Cherif I speak French but not really very good, I would like someone to practice with and help each other to perfect it, My skype ID is and my E-mail is

  13. Tigist Zerihun says:

    Hi my name is tigist ,ethiopian girl.I never learn and speak french.but interested to do it. i think u will help me.

    • LY says:

      Of course you can improve your english or french .You also can make a spontaneous talk .So connect my SKYPE ID or eventually
      or simply by using GOOGLE TALK GOOGLE CHAT. Ihope to hear or see you on line.
      bye,bye ,bye……..

  14. LY says:

    Hi everybody,I am a french native speaker and I speak fluently five languages .I’m sure you want to improve your english or french .Cool relax it’s easy as a pie .You can speak quickly,easily,automatically with slang ,idiom or not I mean a in good english or french .I want to learn from you ,your feeling,your emotion,your human being,culture,religion and so on..I want to connect with the people all over the world .We can share our point of view e.g science,politic all kind of topic .You can make a conversation ,chat or gossip with me via SKYPE . e mail me

  15. Carlos Herreño says:

    I’m from Colombia, and I’d like to learn French. I only know some small phrases aand words, but that’s not enough to mantein a conversation. Is there someone who likes to share his,(her) knowledge with me? Thanks, so much.

  16. gamahm says:


  17. Sergio says:

    Hi!My name is Sergio, I am a brazilian and I speak native potuguese Language. Do you want to learn portuguse and a few of brazilian culture? Just write to me, because in other hand I would appreciatte to practice my English or learn some French! Look for me and the e-mail address:

  18. Siavash says:

    Bonjour, Sa va? Je mappelle Cedric.I’m Iranian.A 6-year-old strong boy like a LION, at the moment living in Malaysia, as soon as possible, I will go to England or France.I know a little bit French.It is fantastic and enjoyable.I’m lovin it.Bye for now.

  19. judith kambenga says:

    Hi Michelle, my name is Judith, I’m from East Africa Tanzania I like to speak french can you help me? and I will teach you kiswahili.


  20. LY says:

    You are interested by french (native speaker) and I love Shakespeare language .So we can share our emotion ,our feeling ,our human being ,our fun …freely .Cool ! Don’t hesitate to connect with me via SKYPE or e mail me

  21. iris bilal says:

    hi, im iris and i ve tried many times to learn french but somehow i cant seem to pick it esp the written language. well functional ll do for me. so can u be my teacher, by the way im a Pakistani and i can teach Urdu!

    • ameur says:

      i’m from algeria i know speak and read fench but now i’m learning english then i need some who wants to speak with me english if u are ready plz contact me to chat ok

    • ameur says:

      i’m from algeria i know speak and read french but now i’m learning english then i need someone who wants to speak with me english if u are ready plz contact me to chat ok

  22. enas says:

    hi ,im enas from iraq , im english teacher but like learning french plz someone help me.

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