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Hi. My name is Mark. I can speak German but I never get to speak it. i am interested in talking German or talking in English about Germany and Austria and Switzerland and topics related to that region.

German Language

Do you want to learn German? You can learn here. Leave your contact details below like this:

Hi. My name is Maria. I am a student of German. I want to practise speaking with someone. My skype is: maria88germn

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  1. Edvan says:

    Hallo Leute! Ich heisse Edvan, oder “Ed” sowie einige Freunde von mir mich nennen. Ich bin brasilianer und wollte mit Menschen Deutsch sprechen, damit ich meine sprachtätigkeiten verbessern kann. Ich bin seit eine Woche aus Deutschland angekommen. Ich habe dort als au pair gearbeitet. Wenn ihr lust auf kontakt mit mir machen habt schreibt einfach zu meiner Skype adresse: edvanmax

    Ich freue mich darauf von euch zu hören!!!

  2. viola says:

    Hi. My name is Viola. I live in Albania. I want to speak german with someone. My skype is:violaviola124

  3. mohamed says:

    Hi everyone! I’m from morocco, I can teach you arabic well and you can teach me one of these languages: French, English, german, japanese, italian or spanish…
    Of course I’m not so bad in franch neither in english, but I want to progress more and more, because I think in these days if you daon’t master at least 2 languages, you will find some difficulties in your life.
    So, here are my 2 adresses: /
    Thank you all 🙂

  4. Deepti says:

    Hi. My name is Deepti. I like to learn German and I want to practise speaking with someone. My skype is: deepti12321

  5. ALEX says:

    Hello. I want to learn German. I can teach you spanish.
    Skype: leaxalex

  6. Robert says:

    Hi Guys. I have been living in Hamburg for the last 3 months and I speak a little German but I want to improve. I am currently here teaching English at companies so I would be happy to give free English lessons online in exchange for some German practice. My skype name is :
    I am from Australia

  7. emy says:

    l learned German for 4 years , i can speak German but need more practice, my mother language is Arabic – if you want me to learn you it- also can speak English very well

  8. PVG says:

    Hey I want to learn German language . I can communicate in English for learning German

  9. Abdul Ghafour Sultany says:

    Hello i like to learn German Language i have the knowledge of English then how can i learn German with my English knowledge?
    yours Trully.

  10. Prabo says:

    I like to learn German .I have a knowledge of English.How can learn German with the help of my English knowledge?

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