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Hi. My name is Simon. I want to go to Korea. I am studying taekwondo. Can anybody give me some information and teach me some useful phrases?

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What is the difference between Indonesian and Malay language?

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Hi. My name is Orfeo. I live in Jakarta and I can talk to you about Indonesia in English or teach you some “Bahasa Indonesia” if you like. Email me at to set up a time to skype or just skype me: orfeobahasa1

Indonesian Food

Can you tell us any recipes?
How do you make gado-gado?
Go to the Indonesian Food Page
Go to the Malaysian Food Page
What is gado-gado?

Conversation Topics

National Parks and the Orangutang
Indonesian Food and History
Indonesian Food and History
Ethnic Diversity in Indonesia
Ethnic Diversity in Malaysia
The Traditional Arts of Indonesia
Volcanoes and Earthquakes
The Traditional Arts of Malaysia
Life in Indonesia Yesterday and Today
Indonesian Language and Malay Language
Indonesian/Malaysian Relations
After the Tsunami …
Indonesian Dutch Relations

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  1. Chrisviano says:

    hy guys.,., am chris, am from manado, i know is merapi mountain is a very terraible, im so sad too look many people died is there,. im so sorry, i dont have more information to merapi mountain…

  2. vika says:

    hi i m vika from indonesia.. i live in yogyakarta.. but now in my place there is disaster here.. eruption of vulcano mountain.. we call it Merapi mountain.. it’s terrible u know.. but fortunately i m ok here.. lucky for me.. hehe.. but i m sad too many people died because of that disaster.. hope everything will be ok soon.. well if u want to chat with me or wanna know bout indonesia.. may be i can share it to u.. meet me on my skype alvika.pika n u can add me too on my yahoo messanger alvika25.. my email is
    thank u 🙂

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