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Hi. My name is Junko. I want to go to Italy. I am thinking of coming soon. Can anybody give me some information and teach me some useful phrases?

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What is the difference between Italian and Latin?

Are you from Italy? Do you want to explain your language and culture to people from other cultures? Leave your contact details in the “comments” section below.

Hi. My name is Bruno. I live in Italy and I can talk to you about Italy in English or teach you some Italian if you like. Email me at to set up a time to skype or just skype me: italiabruno43

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Life in Italy Yesterday and Today
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  1. Alessandro says:

    Ciao sono Alessandro e vivo a Milano. Sono disponibile e felice di poter dialogare in italiano con chiunque. Studio da qualche mese la lingua inglese e vorrei tanto trovare persone madrelingue con le quali conversare e migliorarmi. Scrivetemi, questo è il mio nome skype “alessandrocelona”.

    Hi I’m Alessandro I live in Milan. I’d like to speak in italian with whoever. I’m studying English for some months and I’d like to find people native speakers for improving it.
    Thank you. write me on skype. my skype name is “alessandrocelona”


    • Ella says:

      Hi Alessandro,

      I am a native speaker of British English and am based in Italy where I work as an EFL teacher. I would like to improve my Italian and am looking for someone to exchange lessons with once a week. Would you be interested? If so please contact me at:



  2. gianluca says:

    hi everybody,

    i’m gianluca from italy and if anyone wants to practice italian i’d be glad to help and exchange it with english conversation. You can reach me on skype gianlu_ever

  3. mohamed says:

    Hi everyone! I’m from morocco, I can teach you arabic well and you can teach me one of these languages: French, English, german, japanese, italian or spanish…
    Of course I’m not so bad in franch neither in english, but I want to progress more and more, because I think in these days if you daon’t master at least 2 languages, you will find some difficulties in your life.
    So, here are my 2 adresses: /
    Thank you all 🙂

  4. Mario says:

    I everybody.I’m Mario,i’m italian and i’d like to speak with someone to teach my language and have training of english or learn other language too.
    Add me in your skype contact “writing that are a contact”.
    My skype id is: supermariov69 .
    Seee you soon.

  5. abdulaziz says:

    hi im abdulaziz im arabic ,, i want lerean italian

    msn ID :

    skype :

  6. Imane says:

    Ciao, I’m Imane from Algeria, I’m fascinated with italian language and italian culture, wanna practise with italian native speaker !
    Laura, can I add you? since you’re the only italian here, hope that doesn’t make you overcrowded !

    • Imane says:

      Sorry, I meant you Daniele (when I said you’re the only italian here) but I wrote Laura!
      I hope that there is mo matter if I add you Daniele!

  7. Reham ahmed says:

    HI Laura,i would like to practise italian&english with you.

  8. daniele says:

    Hi! i’m Daniele,i’m italian.I enjoy learn and spek english as well as teach some italian to who is willing to learn skype is daniele6756

    • Laura Amisadai says:

      Hi!…I’m Laura.I study languages degree. I’d like to practice Italian,English and French…Daniele I’d like to practice Italian with you, Can you help me?..I think we can practice English, too….This is my Skype: laura.amisadai.frias

  9. Reham Ahmed says:

    Hi. My name is Reham. I am Egyptain. I like movies,Reading and traveling. I want to make friends and practice Italian. I also want to practice Making italian food with a partner. I am available every Morning Egypt time. I want to use Yahoo. My Yahoo ID is: Reham Ahmed. Email me to set-up a time: Please speak Italian with me!

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