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Hi. My name is Simon. I want to go to Korea. I am studying taekwondo. Can anybody give me some information and teach me some useful phrases?

Free Korean and English Audio Phrasebook

What is the difference between North Korea and South Korea?

Are you from Korea? Do you want to explain your language and culture to people from other cultures? Leave your contact details in the “comments” section below.

Hi. My name is June. I live in California but I come from Seoul originally and I can talk to you about Korea in English or teach you some Korean if you like. Email me at to set up a time to skype or just skype me at: californiajune2008

Korean Food

Can you tell us any recipes?
How do you make kimchi?
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What is Bulgogi?

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Korean Food
Korean History
Technology in Korea
The Traditional Arts Art of Korea
Life in Korea Yesterday and Today
Korean Language and Chinese Language
Korea Japan Relations
Korea China Relations

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  1. zafar ullah khan says:

    if you apporve the my request , please replay me

  2. zafar ullah khan says:

    i m intrested to learn the korean languge

  3. JUSTIN KWON says:

    Hello, I am Justin.

    I am living in Detroit, MI and will stay here for 17 months since November 1, 2010. I am so interested in having a conversation with an American friend who wnats to learn Korean. We can help each other learn the second language. Please contact me by e-mail ( ) or call me by Skype( you can find me by typing my e-mail address). Thanks.

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