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Hi. My name is Marek. I want to go to Poland. I am living in the Czech Republic. I am studying history. Can anybody give me some information and teach me some useful phrases? My parents are polish but I grew up in America.

Free Polish and English Audio Phrasebook

What is the difference between the Polish and Russian languages?
What other Slavic languages do you know?
Is Polish similar to Czech?

Are you from Poland? Do you want to explain your language and culture to people from other cultures? Leave your contact details in the “comments” section below.

Hi. My name is Maria. I live in Krakow and I can talk to you about Poland in English or teach you some Polish if you like. Email me at to set up a time to Skype or just Skype me: mariakrakow

Polish Food

Can you tell us any recipes?
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Conversation Topics

Polish and Russian
Poland and Russia
Polish Food
Polish History and Culture
Ethnic Diversity in Poland
The Traditional Arts and Music of Poland
Life in Poland Yesterday and Today
Polish Language and Other Slavic Languages

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The Polish Food Page
Learn Polish – Free Audio Phrasebooks

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