Mailing List FAQ

I entered my name, email, and country, but haven’t received a reply. What should I do?
First check your junk or bulk email folders. Sometimes email programs like Yahoo! or Hotmail will automatically filter messages from mailing lists away from your inbox and into these folders. If you don’t see a messages from English Conversations there, then wait for a day or two. Sometimes the message gets delayed and it will show up later. If you still don’t receive the message after three days, please send us an email.

I am concerned about my privacy. What will you do with my name and email address?
Your name and email is for our use only. We will only send you email messages with news and information on learning English. We will never share your name or email with any third person or party.

I am tired of receiving your messages. How can I unsubscribe from your mailing list?
Are you crazy? Hahaha. Actually, unsubscribing is simple: in each message we send you, there is a link at the bottom that you can click to stop receiving all future messages. Just email us or leave a comment if you have any problems.

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