The Adjective Page – Focus on Adjectives 1

[audio:anlimc31the cry.mp3] Check your ideas later at this link: Mosquito City: The Cry at denis collette in the back in the front Compare these: a back seat a front seat You can analyse “back” and “front” as adjectives or as nouns. Do you know about compound nouns (two nouns together)? […] Read more »

Mosquito City – Part 43 – I was just joking

[audio:anlimc43.mp3] Download audio file (anlimc43.mp3) at Irp Mark: Ok. So here I am in Brooklyn. Stephanie: Here we are. Here we are. Mark: And my friend Peter’s sister Stephanie has kindly … Stephanie: That’s me. That’s me. Mark: … has kindly brought me down here to show me around and […] Read more »