A Conversation about Australia and New Zealand and Canada

Questions Listen to the music. Do you like it? What is the name of the radio host? Is it Clint Eastwood or Vinnie Eastwood? LISTENING Listen to the audio and read the notes. Do you follow the thread of the conversation? Are you learning new vocabulary. FOCUS on the vocabulary. […] Read more »

ECPLS – Advanced

Welcome to our English Conversation Partner Linkup Service for Advanced level learners. To participate, leave a comment below describing yourself, your interests, your availability, and your preferred communication medium. Here is an example: Hi. My name is Kenji. I am Japanese. I like movies, sports, hiking, and traveling. I want […] Read more »

Western Transvaal Conversation – Lesson Ideas

Discussions related to this conversation. Try to answer the questions below verbally in pairs or groups but first listen to the conversation at this link to get yourself in the mood. If anybody in the room has a net connection assign that person to finding the answers to the questions […] Read more »