The History of Universal City – Rupert Crowe

Rupert Crowe is the man who designed Universal City. Some call him the saviour of humanity. Relative Clauses – Rupert Crowe Watch this historical video of Rupert Crowe, the man who conceived the Pillars of Universal City. the man who conceived the man who designed the man who financed the […] Read more »

Adverbial Phrases

“Having little or no money in my purse” is an adverbial phrase. Adverbial phrases tell you how, when, where or why (like adverbs). If you use an adverbial phrase in the spoken IELTS test your score will be higher. Adverbial Phrases in a Story in the fields towards the woman […] Read more »

In My Opinion…

Vedanta is a Hindu philosophy and practice whose goal is self-realization. In this conversation, Mark asks a woman in India about the best place to study Vedanta. Read more »