In those days it was called the Western Transvaal

[audio:isabel1.mp3] Download audio file (isabel1.mp3) at Mark: What part of South Africa were you born in? Isabel: In those days it was called the western Transvaal. Mark: Right. Isabel: These days it is called the Northern Province. Mark: The Northern Province. Isabel: Yes. It is west of Johannesburg. About […] Read more »

Bilingual – English and Afrikaans – 1

[audio:afrikaans1.mp3] Download audio file (afrikaans1.mp3) I speak English. (Afrikaans) Do you speak English? (Afrikaans) Yes, I do. (Afrikaans) Do you speak Dutch? (Afrikaans) No, I don’t. (Afrikaans) I want to learn Afrikaans. (Afrikaans) Where are you going? (Afrikaans) I am going home. (Afrikaans) Read more »