The Story of America – The Wild West

Listen to the videos and answer the questions. (You can write your answers in the comments section at the bottom of the page) America was a British colony. The first settlements were in the west. European Americans gradually spread west. The west was wild and dangerous and rugged so it […] Read more »

The Story of America

How did America become what it is today? Why is English spoken in England and America? How is it possible that America is such a diverse country? Read more »

Actually I was Born in Hawaii

Have you ever met a Mormon? Did you know they are very efficient language learners? Listen to Mark speak with a Mormon on a mission in Cambodia. Read more »

What is it like in a Dogon Village?

[audio:luisdogon.mp3] Download audio file (luisdogon.mp3) at el rabbit A group of friends start to talk about Dogon villages in Africa and end up talking about nationalism. Mark: What is the Dogon village like? Luis: They are clay… and they are… Mark: Clay houses? Luis: Clay houses. Mark: Round houses? Luis: […] Read more »

Plutonium is a Dangerous Substance

[audio:plutonium.mp3] Download audio file (plutonium.mp3) at maidrin_rua Mark and Aaron talked to an eighty-six year-old Japanese poet and political activist who had lived in India and China. Mark: Ok so you came back to Japan because it is an important time…like…the constitution… Naoto: Yeah…you know…the constitution…August next year there is […] Read more »