What is it like in a Dogon Village?

[audio:luisdogon.mp3] Download audio file (luisdogon.mp3) at el rabbit A group of friends start to talk about Dogon villages in Africa and end up talking about nationalism. Mark: What is the Dogon village like? Luis: They are clay… and they are… Mark: Clay houses? Luis: Clay houses. Mark: Round houses? Luis: […] Read more »

Talking about South Africa

[audio:lerato.mp3] Download audio file (lerato.mp3) at carlosoliveirareis In this recording Mark interviews Lerato, who comes from South Africa. M: Ok so…Hello everybody I am sitting here with Lerato from South Africa. What part of South Africa do you come from, Lerato? L: I come from Johannesburg. M: Right, so you […] Read more »