The Ballad of the Banjo Player’s Brother – a poem

“free” as the breeze that blows through the trees “free” as the wind that dances with leaves “free” as the fire that burns in your heart “free” as desire that drives you to art art is the language that we use when we speak not for profit or purpose but to get something out and the person who listens; the person who hears is not of this world and its physical spheres the whole thing is mental, internal, beyond and the one who listens is god by the pond so whisper and shout and get that thought out express it, inscribe it on walls which have ears celebrate all the things that there are and dream and create as you drive in your car the living land is a living song and the water that nourishes is tuning the keys of an epic; a symphony; a piano; a sea a living poem called geography Read more »

People and Places – Derek 1 – Laveen, Arizona

[audio:laveen.mp3] Download audio file (laveen.mp3) at Caretakr Aaron: Where are you from? Derek: I’m from Laveen, Arizona. Aaron: Where is Laveen? Derek: Laveen is Southwest of Phoenix. Aaron: Southwest of Phoenix. Derek: Phoenix is the capital of Arizona. Aaron: Yeah? And so how would you describe the place where you […] Read more »