Working in Bangkok

[audio:workinginbangkok.mp3] Download audio file (workinginbangkok.mp3) at Hartfried Schmid Mark talked to Tim at his office in Bangkok. Mark : Hello everybody. I am just sitting here in Bangkok at a UNESCO office with Tim Denny. Tim was working in Japan and then Cambodia and he has just moved over to […] Read more »

Bangkok during the Vietnam War

[audio:vietnamwar.mp3] Download audio file (vietnamwar.mp3) at *hendrik Mark asks Tony about his experiences in Bangkok during the Vietnam War. Tony: I didn’t go to Vietnam. I was in the air force. Mark: Right. Tony: They had a few bases in Vietnam but they had like six or seven air bases […] Read more »

Born in Virginia

[audio:borninvirginia.mp3] Download audio file (borninvirginia.mp3) at vidalia Mark met Tony in Bangkok. They talked and ate together. Tony: Can I eat while I am talking? Mark: Yeah, yeah yeah yeah.. Tony: You ever heard a black man talk and eat at the same time?…he he hee…well go on… Mark: Where […] Read more »

Hiromi's Trip to Thailand – Episode 7:
A First Time Meeting

[audio:HiroThai7.mp3] Download audio file (HiroThai7.mp3) by zitakat 7. A First Time Meeting Beth: Excuse me, are you going to Khaosan Road? Hiromi: Yes, I am. How did you know? Beth: Most travellers stay on Khaosan Road. There are lots of cheap hotels there. Hiromi: Are you going there too? Beth: […] Read more »