There are Mormons All Over the World

[audio:mormon1.mp3] Download audio file (mormon1.mp3) at lee benjamin Mark: I am in Phnom Penh and I am talking to Elder Swenson. You are from Utah? Elder Swenson: I am actually from Montana. Mark: Right. Ok. But you are a Mormon? Elder Swenson: I am. Mark: So there are Mormons outside […] Read more »

Miyako’s Education – Part 31

[audio:miyako31.mp3] Download audio file (miyako31.mp3) at omno John: Hi, Yumie. I haven’t seen you for a while. Yumie: Yeah, I’ve been busy. How’s it going? John: Not bad. Not bad at all. What have you been up to? Yumie: Oh not much. Just studying. I have been studying a lot. […] Read more »

Miyako’s Education – Part 7

[audio:miyako7.mp3] Download audio file (miyako7.mp3) at quitelucid John: So, do you like biology, Yumie? Yumie: Yes, I do. I really like it. I love plants and animals. John: I like nature too. Yumie: My boyfriend really likes nature. He is a white water rafting guide. John: Oh, is your boyfriend […] Read more »

Miyako's Education – Part 5

[audio:miyako5.mp3] Download audio file (miyako5.mp3) at davemattock John: Do you want coffee or tea? Yumie: Actually I don’t drink coffee or tea. I drink juice. John: Is orange juice okay? Yumie: Sure. Thank you. John: What kind of test is it? Yumie: It’s a biology test. John: Oh, you study […] Read more »

Miyako's Education – Part 3

[audio:miyako3.mp3] Download audio file (miyako3.mp3) at ichic Talking about Miyako’s Boyfriend Miyako: Yumie is really pretty. Do you like her? John: Yes, I do. She’s nice. Miyako: She’s really clever too. She’s intelligent and beautiful at the same time. John: You really like her. Is she your best friend? Miyako: […] Read more »