Bilingual – English, French, Spanish and Italian – 1

[audio:3latinlangs.mp3] Download audio file (3latinlangs.mp3) Use this post to compare three romance languages: What are you doing? French Spanish Italian I am reading a book. French Spanish Italian Which book? (French) (Spanish) (Italian) It’s a book about history. (French) (Spanish) (Italian) What kind of history? (French) (Spanish) (Italian) The history […] Read more »

Miyako’s Education – Part 25

[audio:miyako25.mp3] Download audio file (miyako25.mp3) at Kevin Saff John: Hey, Hiroko. How are you? Hiroko: Not so good. I burned the pancakes. I was making Korean pancakes and I burned them. John: That’s a pity. Can you make some more? Hiroko: Yeah. I’m making some more now. First I have […] Read more »

Miyako’s Education – Part 23

[audio:miyako23.mp3] Download audio file (miyako23.mp3) at mestes76 John: Hello again. Are you still reading? Miyako: Yep. John: Are you still reading the same book? Miyako: Yeah. It’s interesting. It’s really really interesting. In fact, it’s fascinating. John: What’s it about? Miyako: It’s about how education is fun. Learning is fun. […] Read more »

Miyako’s Education – Part 22

[audio:miyako22.mp3] Download audio file (miyako22.mp3) at moriza John: Hi, Miyako. What are you up to? Miyako: I’m reading. John: What are you reading? Miyako: It’s a book about education. John: What’s it called? Miyako: It’s called Education is Ecstasy. Ecstasy is a drug, isn’t it? John: Yeah, but it’s also […] Read more »