People and Places – Burke 2 – And then they went to Europe

What do Oranjeboom, Ghana, and CSIS have in common? A Canadian man named Burke, whose parents were teachers who worked in different countries when he was a child. Listen to Burke talk about it. Read more »

Bilingual – English and French – 4

[audio:french4canada.mp3] Download audio file (french4canada.mp3) Use this post to learn English and French at the same time. I speak French I speak a little English I come from Canada. I don’t come from France. I come from Quebec. Do you know Quebec? I want to study English in Australia. Have […] Read more »

People and Places – Burke 1 – Grew up on the road?

[audio:burke1.mp3] Download audio file (burke1.mp3) at Monique Hofland Mark: Did you say…? Burke! Did you say you were…? Did you say you grew up on the road? Burke: Ahm. Well. Actually I grew up in the back of a backpack but that is because … I was born in … […] Read more »

Germans in Chile

[audio:chile.mp3] Download audio file (chile.mp3) at emeeelea a.k.a mela Kenni and Pedro talk with Mark and Be about South America. Mark: So, Kenni, are you from Santiago as well? Kenni: Yes, I am from Chile, Santiago in Chile. Mark: Uh-huh. Have you traveled in South America very much? Kenni: Yes […] Read more »