Bilingual – English and Chinese – 4

[audio:chinese4.mp3] Download audio file (chinese4.mp3) Use this post to learn English and Mandarin at the same time. I am forty-six. I am forty-six too. I don’t believe you. How old are you? How old are you really? I am forty-six. No! Yes! When were you born? I was born in […] Read more »

People and Places – The Swami 4 – The Same Thing

[audio:swami4.mp3] Download audio file (swami4.mp3) at Irp Swami: So you have the five senses. Mark: Mm. Mm.What is the relationship between Atman and Brahman? Swami: Brahman and Atman are the same thing. Mark: Mm. Swami: Brahman is the lingua franca… is the terminology for “the formless infinite” as described in […] Read more »

Mashed, Smashed, or Whipped Potatoes

[audio:potatoes.mp3] Download audio file (potatoes.mp3) at Lynnintokyo Wayne, from northern Kentucky, explains to Aaron the difference between mashed, smashed, and whipped potatoes. Aaron: What’s the difference between mashed potatoes, smashed potatoes, and whipped potatoes? Wayne: Well, whipped potatoes are when you take a blender and you blend them with a […] Read more »

Hiromi's Trip to Thailand – Episode 9:
Comparing Prices

[audio:HiroThai9.mp3] Download audio file (HiroThai9.mp3) by wintermute23 9. Comparing Prices Hiromi: Wait a minute. I have an idea. I'm going to Khaosan Road and you're going to Khaosan Road and he's going there too. We're all going to the same place so why don't we share a taxi? Beth: Yes, […] Read more »