Who was the real Hannibal?

[audio:ishtar.mp3] Download audio file (ishtar.mp3) at grabthar Syrian Guy: There. What happened there? You know? Mark: You were talking about Ishtar. The old Assyrian goddess. Syrian Guy: Ishtarte. Ishtarte. Mark: Ishtarte. Yeah. Syrian Guy: She was the goddess of the sun. The sun-goddess. Mark: Right. This is in ancient Assyria. […] Read more »

Present Tense

There are two present tenses. They are present simple tense and present continuous tense. Present simple tense looks like this: Do you speak English? Yes, I do. Howabout you? Do you speak it? No, I don’t. Well, I speak a little. Present continuous tense looks like this: Are you speaking […] Read more »

Steve from Brooklyn – Lesson Plans

Here are some lesson plans for the Real Conversation “Steve from Brooklyn” Low Level (at this very low level they can underline words that they know as they listen because most of it they will miss) then try: What is his name? Is his name Steve? Is his name Mark? […] Read more »