Bilingual – English and Danish – 1

[audio:danish1.mp3] Download audio file (danish1.mp3) I speak English. (Danish) I speak Danish. (Danish) I don’t speak Danish. (Danish) She speaks Danish. (Danish) He speaks Danish. (Danish) Do you speak Danish? (Danish) Yes, I do. (Danish) Do you speak English? (Danish) No, I don’t. (Danish) I want to learn Danish. (Danish) […] Read more »

People and Places – Annette 1 – Where are you from?

[audio:annette.mp3] Download audio file (annette.mp3) at *heloise* Mark: What’s your name? Annette: Annette. Mark: Annette. And where are you from, Annette? Annette: I’m from Denmark. Mark: Oh really? What part of Denmark? Annette: Jutland. Mark: Jutland. That’s near…that’s on the European mainland? Annette: Yeah, kind of. Mark: Close to Germany? […] Read more »

Tom and Klaus – Danish Immigrants to Australia

[audio:danishmigrants.mp3] Download audio file (danishmigrants.mp3) Tom and Klaus are two senior Danish immigrants who came to Australia as young men in their twenties. They are talking with Mark and Lyndell about their experience in Australia in particular about different views on gender equality thirty years ago. Tom recounts a version […] Read more »