Mixed British Accents

[audio:mush.mp3] Download audio file (mush.mp3) at Parksey1964 (Can you tell a person from Southampton by the way they talk; by their accent?) First English Guy: Oh yeah. Englishwoman: That’s Southampton. It is about as far south as you can get. First English Guy: “Mush”. By the way they use “mush” […] Read more »

Outside Oslo

[audio:outsideoslo.mp3] Download audio file (outsideoslo.mp3) at catmer Mark met a Norwegian woman at a cafe. Mark: What part of Norway do you come from? The Norwegian Woman: Just outside Oslo. Mark: Oh Yeah. Is it like part of Oslo? The Norwegian Woman: No it is a little town kind of […] Read more »

In those days it was called the Western Transvaal

[audio:isabel1.mp3] Download audio file (isabel1.mp3) at pingnews.com Mark: What part of South Africa were you born in? Isabel: In those days it was called the western Transvaal. Mark: Right. Isabel: These days it is called the Northern Province. Mark: The Northern Province. Isabel: Yes. It is west of Johannesburg. About […] Read more »

The Story of the Bhagavad-Gita

[audio:bhagavad-gita.mp3] Download audio file (bhagavad-gita.mp3) at novanglus3 Mark and Pedro and Kenni and Be are talking about the Bhagavad-Gita after dinner. Mark: Hello everybody. I am just sitting here with Pedro. We have just had dinner and we are having a glass of red wine. Pedro, you are from Chile. […] Read more »