The Story of the Central Bank

Vocabulary and Grammar – a practical situation Let’s study the vocabulary and grammar of politics and economics and government. Let’s study a practical situation. Let’s study the grammar in the context of one practical situation. Look at these sentences and note the differences and similarities: Link to conversation about economics […] Read more »

Idioms – What is a scam?

A “scam” is a newer word and a “racket” is an older word. A scam or a racket is a dishonest business. Have you read “War is a Racket” by General Smedley Butler, the most decorated marine in the history of the United States Military? Have you ever worked in […] Read more »

The Argentine Economy

[audio:argentine.mp3] Download audio file (argentine.mp3) at lu6fpj Australian Guy: How is the Argentinian economy now, like there was a crash a few years ago wasn’t there? Argentine Guy: The crash was in 2001 and after that I don’t know if you remember we had five presidents in three weeks. Australian […] Read more »

They could have broke the back of OPEC

[audio:OPEC.mp3] Download audio file (OPEC.mp3) at elkrusty A guy from Indiana talked to Mark about the war in Iraq. Mark: Which oil cartel? Guy: OPEC. Mark: OPEC. Right. And they were gonna like stop everything being hitched to the dollar and like..? Guy: No. We could have broke…. When they […] Read more »