A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 30 – Meeting People

Meeting people is fun. All people are unique and interesting in one way or another. Listen to Mark as he meets Stephanie, Peter Bestluck's sister. Read more »

Have you been to Cuba?

The island of Cuba has a high literacy, an excellent medical system, and the people live a long time. Hear some Brits and an Australian talk about Cuba and their leader, Fidel Castro. Read more »

Virginia Accent

[audio:virginiaaccent.mp3] Download audio file (virginiaaccent.mp3) at scandblue The Guy from Virginia: No. Marriage is a family-oriented….family institution. If you want to have a family… The Other Guy: The family is sacred. The Guy from Virginia: …get married. That is the way I see it. If I wanted right now …wanted […] Read more »

Mashed, Smashed, or Whipped Potatoes

[audio:potatoes.mp3] Download audio file (potatoes.mp3) at Lynnintokyo Wayne, from northern Kentucky, explains to Aaron the difference between mashed, smashed, and whipped potatoes. Aaron: What’s the difference between mashed potatoes, smashed potatoes, and whipped potatoes? Wayne: Well, whipped potatoes are when you take a blender and you blend them with a […] Read more »

Miyako’s Education – Part 26

[audio:miyako26.mp3] Download audio file (miyako26.mp3) at omnos John: This is really good. You are a great cook. Hiroko: It’s not too salty? John: No, it’s delicious. Where did you learn to cook? Hiroko: My mother taught me. My mother and my grandmother. John: But this is Korean food. Where did […] Read more »