The History of Universal City – The Ooze

People did not pay much attention to the Ooze at first. pay a lot of attention not pay much attention It came out in various places and people did not realize they were connected. they are connected they were connected Then it all came out at once and that was the beginning of the Disaster. Read more »

How do you make feijoada?

Learn how to cook Brazilian food. Mark: Fresh or seeds or ...? Brazilian Neighbour: Fresh. Fresh. Mark: The leaves? Brazilian Neighbour: The leaves. Yeah. You put it right in the end. Mark: Right. OK. Wow! Read more »

Miyako’s Education – Part 38

[audio:miyako38.mp3] Download audio file (miyako38.mp3) at beija-flor Miyako: Ooh, that last one was a bit hot. John: Try this one, but be careful. It’s even hotter. Miyako: Phew! It’s as hot as anything! It’s burning my mouth. John: Here, have some beer. Miyako: That makes it worse. John: Don’t think […] Read more »

People and Places – The Swami 3 – The Five Elements

[audio:swami3.mp3] Download audio file (swami3.mp3) at Irp Mark: What are the five elements? Swami: The first is earth. Mark: Earth. Swami: The most solid. Rough is the earth. Mark: Matter. Swami: Matter. Matter. Subtler than that is water. Mark: Water. Swami: Subtler than water is fire. Mark: Earth, water, fire. […] Read more »

Bilingual – English and Korean – 1

[audio:korean1.mp3] Download audio file (korean1.mp3) Hello (Korean) How are you? (Korean) Good. (Korean) Where are you going? (Korean) I am going home. (Korean) I am hungry. (Korean) Are you hungry? (Korean) Yes, I am. (Korean) Beer (Korean) I drink beer. (Korean) Do you drink beer? (Korean) Yes, I do. (Korean) […] Read more »

Miyako’s Education – Part 25

[audio:miyako25.mp3] Download audio file (miyako25.mp3) at Kevin Saff John: Hey, Hiroko. How are you? Hiroko: Not so good. I burned the pancakes. I was making Korean pancakes and I burned them. John: That’s a pity. Can you make some more? Hiroko: Yeah. I’m making some more now. First I have […] Read more »