The Tamil Minority in Sri Lanka

[audio:tamilminority.mp3] Download audio file (tamilminority.mp3) at noaman Reporter: Uh-huh. Tamil Man: Open this one. (the digital recorder; “turn it on”) Reporter: Yeah. Tamil Man: Very important. Reporter: Good. Tamil Man: The Sri Lankan Government; what they are doing now. They understand that the Tamil people; the problem comes from the […] Read more »

When the Khmer Rouge was in Power

[audio:pahlinterview.mp3] Download audio file (pahlinterview.mp3) at walt jabsco Mark: So Pahl what part of Cambodia do you come from? Pahl: I come from Kompong Cham Province. Mark: Kompong Cham. And you were born there? Pahl: Yes, I was born there? Mark: How far is it from Phnom Penh? Pahl: It […] Read more »