I Would Love to Hang Out With You!

The mantra is a very very powerful opening into the soul … See, Your soul is like constantly calling you and saying: “I miss you. Where are you? Why do you keep running round? Why don’t you come home? I have this wonderful meal cooked for you. I would love […] Read more »

Gerund – The gerund is the “ing” form of the verb

In English the gerund and the present participle have the same form (verb plus ing) Present Continuous Tense (“be” verb plus present participle) I am going to school now. Where are you going? I am not going anywhere. I am staying home. Are you watching television? No, I am not […] Read more »

You Look Japanese

Mark speaks with Jeremy, from France, who he meets at a cafe in New Delhi. Mark thinks he looks Japanese, but he's not. Where are his parents from? Read more »