The Story of the Central Bank

Vocabulary and Grammar – a practical situation Let’s study the vocabulary and grammar of politics and economics and government. Let’s study a practical situation. Let’s study the grammar in the context of one practical situation. Look at these sentences and note the differences and similarities: Link to conversation about economics […] Read more »

Federal Taxes

Several guys talk about federal taxes and drug money in a pool hall. What is the U.S. government's role in this? Read more »

The Tamil Minority in Sri Lanka

[audio:tamilminority.mp3] Download audio file (tamilminority.mp3) at noaman Reporter: Uh-huh. Tamil Man: Open this one. (the digital recorder; “turn it on”) Reporter: Yeah. Tamil Man: Very important. Reporter: Good. Tamil Man: The Sri Lankan Government; what they are doing now. They understand that the Tamil people; the problem comes from the […] Read more »