Water Car 4 – an Example of an Interactive Story

[audio:watercar4.mp3] Download audio file (watercar4.mp3) at B G Johnson Note: This is an OLD recording of Episode 4. It is NOT from the new and improved full version of The Water Car, which you can download now. 4. The Change  (present continuous tense) Daithi: It is early in the morning […] Read more »

Future “going to” Tense

Here are some examples of Future “going to” Tense: Click the title of the conversation to hear the sentences in context. Hitching around Australia I am going to do some more hitching myself. Miyako’s Education Part 33 Are we still going to go to the Mexican place on Saturday night? […] Read more »

Interactive Stories

Interactive Stories or Guided Stories is the name of an English language teaching technique developed by Mark White, a language teacher/writer. What is an Interactive Story? The technique consists of a story, which includes both sentences and questions so that as one student reads it to the other, the listener […] Read more »