Adverbial Phrases

“Having little or no money in my purse” is an adverbial phrase. Adverbial phrases tell you how, when, where or why (like adverbs). If you use an adverbial phrase in the spoken IELTS test your score will be higher. Adverbial Phrases in a Story in the fields towards the woman […] Read more »

Time Expressions

Some years ago is a time expression. Here are some more: whenever two years ago last year many years ago once upon a time when I was young once Long Complex Time Phrases whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth whenever it is a damp drizzly November in […] Read more »

Easy English 101 – Trees are brothers

[audio:treesarebrothers.mp3] Download audio file (treesarebrothers.mp3) at M J M I think trees are like brothers and sisters. They’re like brothers and sisters. Trees are like brothers and sisters. I was watching television. I was watching television and I saw a programme about a man. I was watching television and I […] Read more »

The Grammar Page

at M J M Are you interested in grammar? Do you think grammar is interesting? [audio:interesting.mp3] Write and tell us what you think about it in the comments section below. Link to an overview of the tenses Interested Look at the two forms: “interested” and “interesting”. We always say: “Are […] Read more »

Easy English 100 – Grammar is Music

[audio:grammar is music.mp3] Download audio file (grammar is music.mp3) at M J M I think grammar is beautiful. I think grammar is beautiful. I think it’s beautiful. Grammar is music. Music. Words are music. Music. Everything has music. I was watching television. I saw a programme I saw a programme […] Read more »

Be Aware

Be Aware is a free English language course. It comes by by email. It consists of five lessons. Each lesson is about one of the free recordings on this site. With Be Aware, you can improve your English speaking and listening. You can also become more aware of English grammar […] Read more »

Water Car 4 – an Example of an Interactive Story

[audio:watercar4.mp3] Download audio file (watercar4.mp3) at B G Johnson Note: This is an OLD recording of Episode 4. It is NOT from the new and improved full version of The Water Car, which you can download now. 4. The Change  (present continuous tense) Daithi: It is early in the morning […] Read more »

An Explanatory Note – “to be held responsible”

At what age should people be held responsible? (passive) At what age should we hold people responsible? (active) From what age should society hold people responsible? (active) Sentence Variations Children are generally not held to be criminally responsible for their actions until they are mature. Children are generally not thought […] Read more »