The Japanese Farmer – Listen and Read

[audio:fdsample1.mp3] Download audio file (fdsample1.mp3) at EugeniusD80 This recording is a sample of Episode One of The Farmer’s Dream. In this part, you should listen to the recording and check the responses you wrote down in Part 1: Listen and Write. Check your answers and see how accurate you were. […] Read more »

The Story of America

How did America become what it is today? Why is English spoken in England and America? How is it possible that America is such a diverse country? Read more »

Easy English 200 – Speaking and Listening – Introduction

[audio:talking1.mp3] Download audio file (talking1.mp3) at National Library Scotland This is a different type of lesson. There is no transcript. Listen carefully. Answer the questions. Answer the questions aloud. If you don’t understand the first time, listen again and again until it becomes easy and natural. Listen until you can […] Read more »

Water Car 4 – an Example of an Interactive Story

[audio:watercar4.mp3] Download audio file (watercar4.mp3) at B G Johnson Note: This is an OLD recording of Episode 4. It is NOT from the new and improved full version of The Water Car, which you can download now. 4. The Change  (present continuous tense) Daithi: It is early in the morning […] Read more »