Water Treatment

Words are powerful. They can affect water in noticeable ways. And since we are made mostly of water, words have a powerful effect on us, too. Read more »

You Look Japanese

Mark speaks with Jeremy, from France, who he meets at a cafe in New Delhi. Mark thinks he looks Japanese, but he's not. Where are his parents from? Read more »

The Story of Green Willow

at The Library of Congress Synopsis: The Story of Green Willow is a short story. It is an intermediate level adaption of Lafcadio Hearn’s “Aoyanagi”, which is an old Japanese mystery story. It tells the story of a samurai’s love for a mysterious woman from the mountains. The grammar focus […] Read more »

I am a Japanese Korean

Misun is a Japanese Korean from Osaka. Her parents were both born in Japan, too. She cannot get a Japanese passport, but instead has a Korean one. Mark interviews her in this recording. Read more »

I Was Doing Yoga

[audio:travelagent.mp3] Download audio file (travelagent.mp3) at Myyogaonline Mark ran into a Japanese guy at a travel agent in Rishikesh. The Japanese Guy: Do you think I ought to take a local bus all the way? The Travel Agent: No no no. It is open at five o’clock. Four o’clock. From […] Read more »

Miyako’s Education – Part 36

[audio:miyako36.mp3] Download audio file (miyako36.mp3) at Hobo pd Miyako: Wow! She speaks really good English! John: So do you. Miyako: But she speaks it better than me. She speaks it much better than me. John: I don’t think so. I think your English is just as good as hers. Miyako: […] Read more »