Miyako’s Education – Part 11

[audio:miyako11.mp3] Download audio file (miyako11.mp3) at filmmaker in japan Hiroko: Where in Kyoto do you live? John: I live near Kyoto University. Do you know Kyoto University? Hiroko: Yes, I do. It’s very famous. Do you live near the Silver Temple? John: Yes, I do. The Silver Temple is about […] Read more »

Japanese University Students talk to Thai University Students

[audio:basksuinterview.mp3] Download audio file (basksuinterview.mp3) by apc33 The following questions and answers were carried out between October and December of 2005. The Thai students are in the British and American Studies program at Thammasat University, while the Japanese students are from Kyoto Sangyo University. The Thai students wrote and sent […] Read more »