Talking about Music

There are three conversations where the topic of music is mentioned. Let’s refer to them as the first conversation, the second conversation and the third conversation. Listen to each of the three conversations. Find out what sort of music is being talked about. (What sort of music are they talking […] Read more »

Steve from Brooklyn – Lesson Plans

Here are some lesson plans for the Real Conversation “Steve from Brooklyn” Low Level (at this very low level they can underline words that they know as they listen because most of it they will miss) then try: What is his name? Is his name Steve? Is his name Mark? […] Read more »


Here are some topics and language points with lesson ideas. Click the links and follow them. A Academic Vocabulary in Context Adjective and Verb together About Academic English Almanac Articles Accents Adjectives Adjectives – Listening Agreeing and Disagreeing Alan Ginsberg Audio of Speech by President Eisenhower Asian Languages Asking Questions […] Read more »


There are lots of different ways to form a question. 1. Yes/No Questions This type of question needs a yes/no answer. 2. WH Questions This type of question needs a WH question word. 3. Intonation Questions This type of question uses intonation. It likes like a normal sentence. The intonation […] Read more »

Intonation Questions

Sometimes we ask a question with rising intonation at the end of the sentence. When we write the question it looks like a normal sentence, but from the intonation (rising at the end) and the situation (pragmatics) we can tell that it is a question. Compare these two sentences below. […] Read more »