The Story of the USA – The Sixties

at By Graphic Lab via Wikimedia Commons   Read and listen and write your thoughts and answers in the comments section at the bottom of the page. The Sixties Revolution Period The story of the USA is a long and complicated story. complicated – complex The story has many chapters […] Read more »

Bangkok during the Vietnam War

[audio:vietnamwar.mp3] Download audio file (vietnamwar.mp3) at *hendrik Mark asks Tony about his experiences in Bangkok during the Vietnam War. Tony: I didn’t go to Vietnam. I was in the air force. Mark: Right. Tony: They had a few bases in Vietnam but they had like six or seven air bases […] Read more »

Talking to an American Marine

[audio:matt.mp3] Download audio file (matt.mp3) In this podcast, Mark White interviews Matt, a U.S. marine who is now stationed in Japan and who fought in the Battle of Baghdad. Mark: Ok, Matt. I’m just sitting here talking to Matt. Matt’s a marine in the United States Marines and he was […] Read more »