Easy English 101 – Trees are brothers

[audio:treesarebrothers.mp3] Download audio file (treesarebrothers.mp3) at M J M I think trees are like brothers and sisters. They’re like brothers and sisters. Trees are like brothers and sisters. I was watching television. I was watching television and I saw a programme about a man. I was watching television and I […] Read more »

What is it like in a Dogon Village?

[audio:luisdogon.mp3] Download audio file (luisdogon.mp3) at el rabbit A group of friends start to talk about Dogon villages in Africa and end up talking about nationalism. Mark: What is the Dogon village like? Luis: They are clay… and they are… Mark: Clay houses? Luis: Clay houses. Mark: Round houses? Luis: […] Read more »

Kirsten from Tasmania

[audio:kirsten.mp3] Download audio file (kirsten.mp3) at Jonathon Ah Kit Mark: So Kirsten what part of Tasmania do you come from? Kirsten: I come from a place called Launceston in the north of the state. It is the second biggest city in Tasmania. Mark: Is it on the coast? Kirsten: No, […] Read more »

Lake Eyre in Central Australia

[audio:eyre.mp3] Download audio file (eyre.mp3) at SideShowMom Mark: There is this big lake in the middle of Australia: Lake Eyre…and it is below sea level.. Craig: Right… Mark: And normally the rivers in Australia…they are dry…but about once every…twice every hundred years it rains in that area… Craig: Right… Mark: […] Read more »

On Horseback from Canada to South America

[audio:onhorseback.mp3] Download audio file (onhorseback.mp3) at stephanie-sas Craig and Mark and some friends talk about a horseback journey from Canada to South America. Craig: One night Mark and I came up with an idea for a great trip. It started…we were talking about horses and…you know that I really love […] Read more »

Miyako’s Education – Part 7

[audio:miyako7.mp3] Download audio file (miyako7.mp3) at quitelucid John: So, do you like biology, Yumie? Yumie: Yes, I do. I really like it. I love plants and animals. John: I like nature too. Yumie: My boyfriend really likes nature. He is a white water rafting guide. John: Oh, is your boyfriend […] Read more »