The Economics of the Banking System

(In) 1913 this country died when we adopted the central bank and we got rid of sound money. We used to be able in 1913 to walk into a bank and redeem our dollars with gold. Can we do that any more? No! What is the price of gold now? Almost two thousand dollars. It has gone up six hundred dollars an ounce this year. Read more »

Federal Taxes

Several guys talk about federal taxes and drug money in a pool hall. What is the U.S. government's role in this? Read more »

The Big Dream, Part 1

[audio:BigDream1.mp3] Download audio file (BigDream1.mp3) by ciro@tokyo The Graveyard This is a recording of Part 1 of the interactive story, The Big Dream, and is meant to be an example of what a guided story might sound like when two people engage with it in a classroom setting. The Big […] Read more »