Do You Watch Documentaries?

document (noun) – an official word for a piece of paper, such as a legal document documentary (noun) – a video program that tells the truth – a factual program Do you watch documentaries? Read more »

Japanese Company Invents Water Car

Tired of pumping expensive gasoline into your car? Well one Japanese company reveals an eco-friendly car that runs on water. Using the company's generating system, water is converted into electrical power. Read more »


The Internet Revolution The internet has caused a revolution. It has made it easy for people to communicate. It has transformed the world. Many things have changed. The news industry has changed. Before the government controlled the news. Before big news corporations controlled the news. Now you don’t have to […] Read more »

The Breaking News Page

What is new in your region? [audio:newsregion.mp3] Do you have any news? Read the newspaper. Listen to what people say. Write a report on local or regional news in your region. Post it in the comments section below. Look at this example: I am in south-eastern Australia. The farmers in […] Read more »

Almanac – 23 August 2010 – Monday

Some cannot understand the fuss over a house of worship and how a democracy promoting religious freedom, like the United States, could even be having such a debate. Others are offended at the conflation of the 9/11 attacks with all Muslims. Read more »

Almanac – 18 August 2010 – Wednesday

French activists have uprooted transgenic grape vines in a protest against the introduction of genetically-modified food. Global food supply is becoming increasingly more heavily centralized and transgenic food is a powerful tool in the armory of the food corporations as they struggle to maximize their profits. The French anti-GM food activist group "Faucheurs Voluntaires" (voluntary reapers) wants to pull genetically engineered plants out by the roots. Read more »

Almanac – 15 August 2010 – Sunday

Good Morning! It is the fifteenth of August 2010. It is Sunday. THE WEATHER (from Mt Tamborine)

It is fine. The sky is clear. It is not windy. It is clear and completely still. It is cold. It is very cold. It is the end of winter here.
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Almanac – 14 August 2010 – Saturday

Good Morning! It is the fourteenth of August 2010. It is Saturday. THE WEATHER (from Mt Tamborine)

It is fine. The sky is clear. It is not windy. Yesterday the wind died down in the afternoon and today there is no wind. It is clear and completely still.
Look at these opposites:
The wind picked up. The wind died down.
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