I Would Love to Hang Out With You!

The mantra is a very very powerful opening into the soul … See, Your soul is like constantly calling you and saying: “I miss you. Where are you? Why do you keep running round? Why don’t you come home? I have this wonderful meal cooked for you. I would love […] Read more »

A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 31 – The Cry

In many cultures, it is considered embarrassing or wrong for a grown man to cry. Yet crying is a healthy was to express an emotion of sadness or happiness. In this episode, Mark breaks down and starts crying right in front of Peter Bestluck. Why does he cry? Find out. Read more »

Water Treatment

Words are powerful. They can affect water in noticeable ways. And since we are made mostly of water, words have a powerful effect on us, too. Read more »

Notes and Ideas – “position”

Parallel Expressions My position is called “motor man”. My job is called “motorman”. Notes Sometimes “position” means “job”. Examples Do you have any positions vacant? Do you have any jobs available? Read more »

Notes and Ideas – “in charge of”

Parallel Expressions I am in charge of the electrical systems I look after the electrical systems. I take care of the electrical systems. I am responsible for the electrical systems. (These expressions are parallel in this situation but not all situations) Other meanings of “charge”  1. The bull charged and […] Read more »