I Would Love to Hang Out With You!

The mantra is a very very powerful opening into the soul … See, Your soul is like constantly calling you and saying: “I miss you. Where are you? Why do you keep running round? Why don’t you come home? I have this wonderful meal cooked for you. I would love […] Read more »

Water Treatment

Words are powerful. They can affect water in noticeable ways. And since we are made mostly of water, words have a powerful effect on us, too. Read more »

Bilingual – English and Afrikaans – 2

[audio:afrikaans2.mp3] Download audio file (afrikaans2.mp3) Use this post to learn English and Afrikaans at the same time. I speak Afrikaans. I come from South Africa. My mother comes from Holland. I live in Australia. I work in Singapore. South Africa was a Dutch colony. South Africa was an English colony. […] Read more »

London Accent

[audio:londonaccent.mp3] Download audio file (londonaccent.mp3) at egg London Bloke: Personally to myself, Class A drugs are drugs that…Ok I will put it this way… Australian Bloke: Speed. Co…? London Bloke: I will put it this way. To me non-Class A drugs are drugs that can be cultivated without any …modern […] Read more »