Health Problems

Micheal got a horrible illness called 'amoebic dysentery' during his trip to India. Unfortunately, he took the wrong pills to cure himself. Listen to what he has to say in this conversation. Read more »

Nurse Story – An Example of an Interactive Story

[audio:nursestory1.mp3] Download audio file (nursestory1.mp3) at Manu Le Manu Listen to the interactive story and write in the words that Mark says. 1. THE NEW JOB (be verbs) Alec: A young woman is at a big hospital. Mark: Alec: She is a nurse. Mark: Alec: What colour is her uniform? […] Read more »

Nurse Story

at The Library of Congress Synopsis: Nurse Story is a low intermediate interactive story, which follows the life of a young Japanese nurse in her interactions with people at work and in her personal life and on holiday. It was written as a course for young Japanese nursing students who […] Read more »