A New Life in Mosquito City – part 41 – Wonderful to see you!

Frank: Wonderful to see you. Pierre: How are you? How are you? Frank: Oh! Fantastic. Great to see you. Pierre: Who is your friend, here? Frank: Oh. This is Mark. Pierre: Hello Mark. My name is Pierre. Frank: Ok. Pierre. Mark. Mark: Good day Pierre. How are you, mate? Nice to meet you. Pierre: Where are you from? Mark: I am from Australia. You are French, are you? Pierre: Yes, I am from Paris. Read more »

Conversation with Daruma

[audio:daruma.mp3] Download audio file (daruma.mp3) Eager Student: Daruma. Impart to me some wisdom concerning your portrait and its significance. Daruma: … Eager Student: Daurma. Why don’t you tell me about sumi-e, ink painting, now that I have rendered you in this style? Daruma: … Eager Student: Daruma, you look so […] Read more »