An Explanatory Note – “to be held responsible”

At what age should people be held responsible? (passive) At what age should we hold people responsible? (active) From what age should society hold people responsible? (active) Sentence Variations Children are generally not held to be criminally responsible for their actions until they are mature. Children are generally not thought […] Read more »

An Explanatory Note – “separated at birth”

The two boys were separated at birth. Somebody separated the two boys. They were separated. They were taken away from one another. They did not see each other any more. They were born. They were separated when they were born. They were separated at birth. They were separated as soon […] Read more »

The Tamil Minority in Sri Lanka

[audio:tamilminority.mp3] Download audio file (tamilminority.mp3) at noaman Reporter: Uh-huh. Tamil Man: Open this one. (the digital recorder; “turn it on”) Reporter: Yeah. Tamil Man: Very important. Reporter: Good. Tamil Man: The Sri Lankan Government; what they are doing now. They understand that the Tamil people; the problem comes from the […] Read more »